Evolve genes into cells into organisms faster than your opponents

Microscopic card game - evolve geens into cells into organisms

How to play

A tiny game of exponential growth

Welcome to a world invisible to the naked eye, where cells evolve and compete to grow into the biggest, strongest, and fastest living organisms.

You start off small and slow and weak. Choose which adaptations to focus on and which organisms will give you the best edge.

As you grow, you will need to make sacrifices to get to the next level, but everything ramps up as you race to the end, claiming the most organisms to win.

Microscopic card game cards: gene, cell and organism
Microscopic card game box


  • 74 Genepool cards (cells, viruses and mutations)
  • 7 Organism cards
  • 4 Quick reference cards
  • 1 rulebook

Download the rule booklet

Microscopic card game rules Download rules
Rule variants

Download the rule variants including solitaire, 2-player co-op, and 4-player teams.

Microscopic card game rule variants Download rule variants
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